Drift power cup in Logatec

Author of the article: , published on August 28, 2014.

In Logatec, on August 24.8.2014, 3, for the third time this year, adrenaline drivers and enthusiasts of burning tires gathered at the car magazine's drift power cup. Despite the promising forecast, he was surprised by the early rain, which delayed the competitors' warm-up a bit, as they waited for the weather to improve. When the sun shone again and the track dried up, the drivers drove a few laps before qualifying. In the qualifications, Miha Šuštaršič shone the most in his BMW M36 e22, which scored 30 points. He was followed by Dario Skoko from neighboring Croatia in a BMW e8 with a V300 engine that provides more than XNUMX horsepower.

The third best in the qualifications was Žan Golob, also in the BMW e30. They were followed by Uroš Berdajs, Jure Poljak, Dejan Fakuč, and Nicola Tortul from Italy, who turned the first qualifying round in his Nissan Silvia S14 turbo and got 0 points, then made up for a solid 16 points in the second round and ranked among the top 16. Tokić Racing Team, one of the better teams that came from Zagreb, also lost both cars after qualifying, as the rear axle on the BMW e36 328i broke and the clutch failed on the BMW e30.

After the qualifiers, a special guest Challe Salle introduced himself to the spectators, who sang a few songs, and then the national champion in rallycross Matija Rakovec went on the track in his Buggy, who took some attractive laps around the racetrack and showed his skills in this small but fast car. Then the drift competitors gathered on the track and had a so-called “briefing”, which means that they agreed with the organizers on the course of the competition and the rules. Even before the start of the doubles competition, the weather caused a lot of problems on the track in the coming hours, as it rained again.

This time, the track was so soaked that it was agreed that each pair had an additional warm-up circuit before the race to give drivers a sense of grip on the track. This meant even more concentration and control over the car. Some of the more experienced drivers held up great and drove phenomenal laps, while others often spun on the wet track. Miha Šušteršič, Jurij Kocijan, Uroš Berdajs, Jure Poljak, Dejan Fakuč, Žan Golob, Matjaž Podboršek and Dario Skoko were among the top 8. After tense and demanding matches, 2 finalists from the same team remained on the wet track, GMŽ Drift team Miha Šuštaršič and Žan Golob.

After four laps, the judges decided that the winner was already experienced Miha Šušteršič, followed by his teammate Žan Golob, third place went to Dario Skoko, and fourth was Jure Poljak. There was no race for third place, as Jure Poljak resigned due to a malfunction on the car.

The next race, and also the last one this year, will take place in neighboring Croatia, in Zagreb at the Croatian Drift Challenge, which will be held on September 14.9.2014, XNUMX at the ORYX Safe Driving Center.
Sunday's race results and scoring:


Scoring 24.8.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX

Photo: Klemen Bagarič

Scoring 24.8.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX

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