Dorna, with the help of La Liga, is even tougher against illegal races

Author of the article: , published on February 5, 2020.

MotoGP class organizer Dorna has teamed up with the Spanish football league-La Liga in a bid to help them fight illegal online broadcasts of their championships.

Dorna, who in addition to the MotoGP class also manages the Superbike class, will thus receive assistance from the content protection service of the Spanish Football League. This will help them to comprehensively combat the illegal transmission of races of both competitions, which take place through various mobile applications, social networks and other digital platforms. In doing so, they will also monitor in great detail the fake profiles that illegally use the Dorne logo and other things. Thus, they will remove these illegal websites through various search algorithms.

Dorne CEO Manel Arroyo is confident that these measures will greatly benefit both of their competitions.

“The signing of the agreement between La Liga and Dorna demonstrates our full commitment in the fight against piracy. The protection of audio-visual rights has always been of great importance to us. This is due to the fact that we provide exclusive and attractive content. He is often the victim of piracy. Both MotoGP and Superbike will benefit greatly from the tools provided by La Liga’s content protection service. We will additionally protect our championships. ”

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