Dominator Hamilton on the trail of Senna's success

Author of the article: , published September 17, 2015.

Lewis Hamilton is this year's "ruler" of Formula 1. In the last race in Monza, he mastered everything. He was the fastest in all trainings, he won the first starting place and won from it, and he also won the fastest lap.

Lewis Hamilton has won 40 of his career. If he also wins Sunday’s race in Singapore, he will have the same number of wins as Ayrton Senna and Sebastian Vettel. Alain Prost's record of 51 victories is also within his reach. Only the record of 91 victories recorded by Michael Schumacher is still far from him. He also overtook Aryton Senna with 81 first, second or third places in the number of podiums, which he recorded 80.

“I always wanted to drive like him (Ayrton Senna). It's just that with the same success I appear 20 years behind him and in the process I experience my childhood dreams, ”explained Hamilton for the television giant Sky. “Of course, it is necessary to take into account that Senna would have achieved much more success if he had not been overtaken by an accident. However, I consider myself honored to be on par with him in some statistics. ”

As we know, Senna was fatally injured in 1994 in Imola in his 161st race. And as a statistical coincidence - Hamilton will also have his 161 race in Singapore this weekend.

Senna is considered to be better in the total number of first starting places, as he had 65 and Hamilton has 49. Hamilton is better in the consecutive uninterrupted number of first starting places. Before that, Senna had the most of them, namely the first 8 starting places in a continuous series in 1988 from the race in Jerez to 1989, this race in Phoenix.

"I believe that I will also make my history in the history of Formula 1," concluded the current leader of this year's championship.

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