Additional kit for beginners

Author of the article: , published April 16, 2013


Pirelli is close to concluding an agreement to supply the teams for which the newcomer will ride in the first free practice of the racing weekend with an additional set of bikes, which will provide valuable newcomers behind the wheel of the F1 car, while seeing more on the track. events.

Currently, each team has 11 sets of bikes that they can use over the racing weekend, and one must be used and returned to Pirelli after the first training session. Most of the action on the track is thus limited to the last hour of 90 minutes of training, and newcomers are expected to have a set of more durable tires, in addition to another regular set of harder tires.

At Pirelli, they say the FIA ​​has not yet approved the proposal, but it could be accepted between the teams before the Spanish Grand Prix.

“For now, an additional set of tires for the first free practice is just another suggestion made by Bob Fernley of Force India,” Pirelli’s spokesman told GPUpdate. “At Pirelli, we agree that the idea is good, but the proposal must be approved by all teams and the FIA. If everyone in Bahrain agrees with the proposal, an additional kit could be delivered in Spain. ”

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