A dirty game at the Oriental Alps Rally?

Author of the article: , published September 9, 2013.

After the Italian rally Alpi Orientali, there were speculations that someone deliberately or unintentionally boycotted our national rally champion, Aleks Humar, reports the Slovenian portal Siol.net.

Humar was chasing his third consecutive victory in Italy, and an excellent result in the overall standings of the Italian national championship, when he was stopped at the sixth HP by a flat tire.

In search of an answer as to how the tire could have landed on the paved part of the road, Humar drove along the route of the said test and made sure that there was nothing there that could cause such damage to the tire. At the same time, photos of damaged tires of Humar's competitors in the Renault Clio R3 Cup appeared in the Italian media, so our champion also became suspicious. After a detailed inspection of his flat tire, which caused a trip off the track in which he and co-driver Florian Rus also damaged the car's radiator and had to resign, he found a round trail that was allegedly caused by a driven nail or similar metal object, Siol said. .

If the nails were actually set on the road, they were not intended for Humar, but for Italian drivers. A similar affair happened in Italy years ago. The electric wiring of the main electronic unit was cut in the closed parking lot, and Umberto Scandola, this year's winner of the Alpi Orientali rally, also broke the rubber on the nails last year.


(photo: siol.net)

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