F1 race cars soon even faster

Author of the article: , published on February 12, 2014.

Another 31 days separate us until the first Formula 1 race of the 2014 season, and by then the race cars will be much faster than they have been in testing so far. So at least Ferrari’s technical director James Allison claims, as most teams in Jerez have shifted the focus to race car aerodynamics to later testing.

The priority was engine performance and reliability. He says now that teams have started focusing on aerodynamics, they are rapidly gaining in speed. “Just look at the size of the rear wings. They are more or less Canadian-type wings. That's where the thrust is hidden, which will allow for higher cornering speeds. ”

Jenson Button was also one of the drivers who said he had no doubt that the race cars would become much faster even before the Australian Grand Prix.
Such a low speed is the reason that the best racing times this year in Jerez are the same as those from 2001, which are among the slowest.
The next tests will take place in Bahrain, from 19 February onwards, where progress will be seen.

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