Racers require a warranty on the tires

Author of the article: , published on August 23, 2013.

Formula One racers are again concerned about the safety of Pirelli tires, as both Vettel and Alonso had problems with them in free practice before the Belgian Grand Prix. At the racetrack with an average very high speed, we are therefore promised a new rubber drama, which is why the racers at the FIA ​​addressed the issue of the safety of Pirelli products.

At Pirelli, the sharp edges of the Spa were blamed for the flat tires in the rear right, but the team did not have such an opinion. Tonight, in a meeting with Charlie Whiting, the racers demanded that he ask the Italians for a guarantee - a guarantee on the tires, so that Silverstone would not happen again.

Let us recall that Pirelli has already used last year's construction of tires once this year for safety reasons. Now, however, Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s motorsport director, said they simply don’t have a solution: “For once, we don’t know what to do. It’s definitely worrying, so we’ll give our best, even though there’s not much to do. We will try to find a reason for that. "

Finally, Mark Webber gave a sharp critique of Piralli: "We demand answers and solutions, because the remnants of the track cannot be blamed for everything, or sharp edges." a detailed review to begin tonight.

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