The race in Lučine ended prematurely

Author of the article: , published on August 11, 2013.


The mountain speed race in Lučine ended prematurely. In the third run, full of interruptions, Istvan Kavecz and his BMW damaged the guardrail so badly that it could not be repaired to such an extent that the last run could be carried out safely until the end. This was canceled and the results after the second run took effect.

This year's victory in Lučine goes to the Italian Federico Liber with the Gloria C8F formula, who beat the Czech Vaclav Janik by a good two seconds. The third was Laszlo Szazs. The Hungarian, who played for the Croatian club here, was two seconds behind the winner.

Marjan Smrdelj was expected to be the fastest among Slovenians with Lola F3000, who was the seventh fastest among all competitors.

In the total sum of the Slovenian DP, Aleš Prek won with a total time of both races 4: 44.05 with a Porsche 997 GT3, ahead of Rado Raspet in a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII, which was almost six seconds slower than Prek. Slavko Zorman with Renault Clio Williams was third with 17.73 seconds behind.

Daniele Trani celebrated in the overall standings of the Open National Championship of Division I. The second was the realist Rok Turk, and the third was Brane Pogačar.

In the Yugo Cup, the victory was celebrated by Aleš Žakelj from Žirovec, who beat all the competition by almost twelve seconds with the joint classification of times. Matej Konestabo was so far behind him, Nevenka Merkač was third and Sanja Smrdelj fourth.

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