Did Red Bull make a mistake using "Mercedes" pages?

Author of the article: , published on February 20, 2024.

After a season and a half of failures with the concept of a racing car without sides, Mercedes just abandoned it and took a more conventional approach. But the so-called zero-pod is returning to the track this year, only on the Red Bull Racing team. But the question is whether Adrian Newey has found room for improvement in the "Mercedes" concept, or whether the change will throw the team from Milton Keynes off the top.

You could say that if something works, don't fix it, but Newey didn't take that into account when designing the RB20, because it's long been said that in F1 you have to constantly run with changes, otherwise you fall behind. Newey has shown in the past that he is not infallible despite many winning cars (McLaren MP4-18), but will the RB20 move the milestones, or will it be the car that defeats the seemingly unbeatable team and Max Verstappen?

"At Mercedes, they saw excellent results in the wind tunnel and were therefore confident that they would be successful, but they did not transfer the results from the wind tunnel to the track," said the team's consultant, Helmut Marko.

We will also see whether we will be successful with this similar solution. Adrian has always pushed for race cars without radiators, but of course the team in the engine department does not agree with this, which is quite logical. Our solution is not as extreme as it was with Mercedes, but we have taken a similar path."

Marko described the RB20 as more than just an evolution of last year's RB19: "It's a bit of a revolution. What you saw at the presentation is the basis for what we will use in 2024. The solutions worked very well in simulations and in the wind tunnel," he added.

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