Di Resta grew up as a racer

Author of the article: , published on May 7, 2013.

Di Resta started this season very strongly, and in Bahrain he almost took a place on the podium for the winners. With this, Paul proved to Force India owner Vijay Mallyi that he has matured or grown up as a Formula One racer. Mallya says only the best about her protégé: “Di Reste's results show his true racing side. I think that after a difficult season last year, he has finally matured into a real racer, as this year he is showing the right results and leading the entire team on the path to success. "

Mallya thus insists that di Resta does everything right, does not make meaningless moves and thus leads the team in the right direction: “The team develops and is additionally motivated because of it. I think that because of him we squeeze as much as possible out of the team and the race car. "In the end, the Indian added that both di Resta and Adriran Sutil could fight for the top places: we fight for the first three places without any problems. So we are going to Barcelona full of optimism, as Paul has already come very close to the podium for the winners. Let's hope that the hard work of everyone in the team will pay off handsomely. "

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