Despite the STABLE policy, the McLaren MCL35M will be like a new race car

Author of the article: , published on December 24, 2020.

Teams will be due regulationsintroduced after the coronavirus pandemic were largely transmitted current designs racing cars, and for this purpose new racing cars have been moved for a year, which will see the light of day in 2022.

FIA is before the new season 2021 introduced token system for development, thereby seeking to limit the number of areas where teams can make improvements to current race cars. But McLaren is in a unique position as it will be next season instead Renault's engines used Mercedes. So the team from Woking use most of the tokens to adjust the car to the new engine. This will limit aerodynamic changes, which they can do, as they have to introduce a new chassis, radiator and transmission, which, according to James Key similar to the introduction of an almost entirely new race car.

Zak Brown and Toto Wolff when they officially confirmed a multi-year partnership between McLarn and Mercedes that already existed in the recent past.

"The big change in the coming year, which is unique to us, is the new powertrain. I can't just download this year's chassis,”He explained Key. "We had to do a lot of renovations, especially with the various systems on the car, such as smoothing and electronics. Not only will the chassis be different, but also the transmission and of course the engine, so for us the MCL35M will be similar to the new race car.“Because they had to use chips for installation Mercedes drive units - here you are in Woking they promise an immediate step forward -, they had to make as many updates as possible in the second half of the season this year to ensure they don’t fall behind rivals who will be able to develop in other areas.

James Key, technical director of the McLaren team, said that despite stable regulations and restrictions on further development, their 2021 race car called the MCL35M will be almost like new.

"The need to use development tokens for the 2021 season to install a new Mercedes engine has changed our approach to development in this year’s championship," so Key. "But the result of this is that we have added some capabilities this season that we would not normally have, and we can continue to develop these areas on this information gathered." Key expects a very busy season 2021, as the teams strive to develop their race cars, and at the same time they will also be working on the new season rules 2022. "2021 will be a busy year, developing the MCL35M and racing, as well as developing a race car for the 2022 season - we can’t wait for it to start."                 

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