The ten best paid racers

Author of the article: , published on February 2, 2014.

Before the start of the new season, we have prepared an interesting overview of the ten highest salaries of Formula One racers. Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton reign supreme, both earning € 20 million, and Jenson Button in third place with € 16 million. The current world champion Sebastian Vettel will earn the same amount.

Nico Rosberg will settle for 11 million, and Alonso’s teammate Kimi Raikkonen will receive another million less. Felipe Massa will drive for Williams for four million, Vettl’s teammate Daniel Ricciardo will earn 2.5 million. Sergio Perez will get two million and the tenth highest paid racer of this season will be Lotus ’Romain Grosjean.

Salary estimates, of course, do not include contractual bonuses, such as prizes for wins or points earned, nor do they include the amounts that racers earn from personal sponsors.

Photos: Ferrari

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