Dennis: Magnussen may be the champion!

Author of the article: , published March 18, 2014.

McLarn boss Ron Dennis says Kevin Magnussen has everything he needs to be able to become a Formula 1 champion, after what he showed in his first race for the Australian Grand Prix.

Magnussen secured third place on the podium after Sunday's race, but advanced to second place due to the disqualification of Red Bull racer Daniel Ricciard.

After the season opens, Dennis confidently explains, "Magnussen has everything he needs to win the World Cup, even though we realize he needs a competitive car."

He adds: “It’s just one race and we’ll see where it goes after the fourth. We have no doubt about his character, we are convinced that he is ready to do whatever it takes to win. ”

After the exclusion of Ricciard, teammate Jenson Button also joined Magnnusen among the top three. McLaren left Melbourne with an eight-point advantage over Mercedes.

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