Expensive charge for BMW i3

Author of the article: , published January 26, 2014.

The BMW i3, which has been on the German market since last November, is not yet sold as a hot bun. Thus, only 90 copies were sold in Germany in December. But at BMW, they report that demand for the model is in line with their expectations, as they have already accepted around 10.000 orders across Europe. However, they do not say what the current production capacity of the factory in Leipzig, where they produce the electric model i3, is.

But potential German buyers of the i3 could also be deterred from buying by the rather expensive cost of electricity. At the launch of its electric car in Germany, BMW has installed around 1.000 charging stations, where it can now be charged. However, charging prices are quite high! Thus, in addition to the monthly rent (EUR 9,50), it is necessary to pay EUR 2,49 for each hour of charging (after the fourth hour of charging, each additional hour costs EUR 1). This, however, already raises the question of rationality, as driving with many diesel-powered vehicles can become even lower.


source: avtomobilizem.com

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