Race promoters critical of Formula 1 leadership

Author of the article: , published January 29, 2019.

The organizers of Formula 1 races met on Monday and criticized the owners of the championship, as the American company Liberty Media allegedly took an unfair direction.

As many as five race venues will have to renew their match contracts this year, with uncertainty about the future of the British Grand Prix in Silverstone and the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

The Association of Formula One Race Promoters does not like the fact that more and more broadcasts are being moved to pay TV channels, which is expected to reduce the number of viewers, both in front of TV screens and on the racetracks themselves, and they also disagree with some race organizers got under better conditions.

In their view, it is detrimental in the long run if spectators lose free access, and it is debatable that they get a place on the field race calendar at the expense of existing ones.

"With the new season, the promoters are looking for a multi-collaborative approach, so that even the long-time organizers of Formula One and FII can offer their knowledge and experience," they wrote in a joint press release.

The new owners are working hard to include a street race in Miami on the race calendar, and during the negotiations it turned out that the organizers there received an offer to share the profits in exchange for a contract, while other organizers have to pay tens of millions.

“Miami will obviously get the contract for free,” Stuart Pringle, the organizer of the Silverstone race, who activated the withdrawal clause from the contract for the organization of the British Grand Prix, told the Daily Mail.

"The rest of us didn't accept it with enthusiasm, least of all the organizers in Austin, who are working hard to make the race profitable. If this continues, Formula 1 will only race on second-class racetracks, or not at all, ”he said.


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