Kubica: If I run out of seats I will leave F1

Author of the article: , published September 12, 2018.

Robert Kubica will be looking for new racing opportunities in case he doesn’t get a seat in Formula 1 for next season.
The Pole last competed in the Formula 1 race at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the 2010 season. A year later, he suffered an injury to his right arm in a rally accident.
Kubica, who is currently in the role of reserve racer for the Williams team, could possibly compete in Formula 1 races this year, in case Lance Stroll leaves for Racing Point Force India at the end of the current season. As he said, in case he does not get a seat in Formula 1 for next season, he will look for the opportunity to race in other sports.

“I put a lot of time and energy into my return. All in the desire to be in the starting lineup in Australia next year. If that doesn’t happen I will be looking for opportunities in other championships. At the moment, I am completely focused on my return. ”

As he says himself, he still feels capable of competing at the highest level of racing. But I would need some time to get used to it again. The Pole believes that a possible opportunity this season would provide all the answers regarding his readiness.
"When you're away for so long, or when you sit in a car every three months, it takes time to get used to everything again."

"If the best tennis player was banned from playing for six years and then allowed to train for one hour before the final, let's say Wimbledon, he would have huge problems in this final."
Regarding any other challenges, he said that he was most interested in performing in endurance races.
"New challenges are always interesting because you get extra motivation to prove yourself."

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