Coulthard: The DTM must be included in the Formula 1 superlicense system

David Coulthard
Author of the article: , published July 8, 2015.

David Coulthard warns the DTM series that if they want to progress and be even more successful, they will have to include the DTM series in the system of obtaining a super license for Formula One. Namely, many racers came from F1 to DTM in the past, but among other things, many of them also won for a prize, or advanced from DTM to F1 (for some testing).

For example, Pascal Weglein appeared in both series at the same time, in one week. He first won the Norisring in the DTM, then set the fastest time with Mercedes in the Red Bull ring in F1 and drove for Force Indio the next day. Together with DTM series champion Marco Wittmann, they then tested the Toro Rossa race car as a reward from BMW.

Coulthard, who came from F1 to DTM, sees it as a retirement like this: “I think DTM is a super professional sport like F1. If we look at the complexity of the settings, the presence of media, sponsors, this is definitely a step forward compared to other formulas. Of course, there’s still touring racing, which is why some people don’t see a resemblance to single-seater cars, but touring cars aren’t as very easy to drive as they seem. They have a good speed, like F3 (comparable pressure force), which makes it necessary to look at everything from the other side. ”

The core of the problem, as David says, is that the champions do not parade from DTM to F1, as was the case in, say, F2 before its collapse or still in GP2. The FIA ​​needs to put more emphasis on, say, a DTM series champion getting a super license for F1. The racers are ready, they have talent and I believe they would do well anywhere else. ”

In the end, Coulthard said that there are practically no more bad racers, and he also commented on Wehrlein, whom he believes will come to F1: “There is no doubt about his transfer to F1. He is successful, he has a good career, and he is not only a good, but an exceptional racer and they are looking for guys like that everywhere. ”

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