Ice corner: Funny conspiracy theories

Author of the article: , published March 23, 2013.

In Germany, a conspiracy theory has been launched to the public that Lotus has an unfair advantage over Pirelli this year. How anyone can come to such a conclusion after just one race of the season can only be guessed at, and the fact is that some gullible people are stuck. The Germans, Auto Motor und Sport, to be precise, report that “some teams” are not happy with Lotus speed, and the names of these teams remain hidden, which is an obvious sign of a fictional story aimed at increasing clicks, visits, views and perhaps anything else. It’s a paranoid serving of conspiracy theories where reporters add up one and one to get five.

It’s true that Pirelli is using a redesigned race car from the 2010 season supplied to them by Lotus, a former Renault, but hints that the Enston team has any benefit from this are downright ridiculous. It is "news" for which even a marginal viewer with a hint of reason and sense of logic realizes that it is attracted to hair.

The racing cars in the 2010 season differ from today as day and night, and in addition, Pirelli purposely protects the data it collects in tests from all teams, so that none of them would receive an advantage. If they didn’t, it would be unfair and I’m sure the FIA ​​would grab them by the collar soon too. In addition, I doubt that Pirelli would risk a media lynching if he gained absolutely nothing if he favored one team, as their tires win regardless of whether they are mounted on a Lotus or Mercedes race car, if the latter is of course capable of winning .

Another clear proof that there is no cooperation between Lotus and Pirelli, as dictated by the Germans, are the results of Romain Grosjean. The tire causes even more problems for the Frenchman, such as Mercedes or Red Bull, which of course would not be the case if the car was basically based on a test car, regardless of the fact that Raikkonen uses some updates that Grosjean does not.

The simple truth, for those who want to see it, is that Lotus did its job better than the others in Australia and therefore also won. The conspiracy theories of Lotus and Pirelli’s collaboration are unfair to both the Lotus team and Pirelli, who strives to ensure a level playing field for all teams, as well as Kimi Raikkonen and his achievement, and all other Lotus members at his home factory in Enston.

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