Charles Leclerc got a new chassis after qualifying

Author of the article: , published on November 21, 2021.

Monaco's Charles Leclerc will take part in the new chassis of the Ferrari car at the Formula 1 race for the Qatar Grand Prix, after the mechanics discovered injuries after qualifying.

Leclerc finished the qualifiers as early as the second half, when he set only thirteenth time, while his teammate Carlos Sainz continued all the way to the final part, where he won seventh place. Monacan found no explanation for the loss of speed until mechanics inspected the car and found that the chassis of the SF21 car had cracked.

"After inspecting the car, we discovered a chassis crack, which is probably due to a trip in front of the curbs in the first fast lap in Q1," said Ferrari, explaining that they will replace the chassis, but hope that their racer will not lose. starting points.

“Charles will start the race from his starting position if we manage to make repairs in the time allowed,” they added.

Leclerc will be able to choose any tires to start the race, so he will try to make up for a few places with a smart choice of mixture, as overtaking in the race will be difficult. "We have a free choice of the first set of tires, which we will try to take advantage of."

Most racers would opt for yellow-trimmed medium hard tires to start the race, but due to the difference in grip, only Sainz, both Mercedes racers and Max Verstappn managed to qualify for the last part of the qualifications, which makes it easier for Leclerc to choose.

After the qualifiers, Sainz explained that it was crucial to progress to the rear with a medium-hard tire mix, as Ferrari's race car is not the most tire-friendly. “The front tires were quite worn out on Friday, so we opted for medium hard tires in the qualifiers,” Sainz explained. “It would have almost cost us Q3 rankings as the soft tires were faster. We hope that the choice gives us some advantages, as we have problems with wear and tear. ”