Car from the printer

Author of the article: , published on October 10, 2014.

Well-known 3D printers can be extremely useful. Based on a computer model, they allow us to make any product. At Local Motors, they proved themselves especially well, as they printed the first functional passenger car with it!

Strati is the first electric car made from 49 different pieces that were printed with a 3D printer. It reaches a speed of up to 55 kilometers per hour, and with one charge you can drive as much as 150 km in combined driving mode. The quality is supposed to be completely comparable to conventional cars.

The printer printed the car in just 44 hours. The base material is plastic, to which carbon has been added for greater strength. The entire car is made of a total of 227 layers of plastic. Local Motors then only added an electric motor, battery, electrical wiring, windshield and a few other smaller particles that cannot be printed with a 3D printer for once.

At Local Motors, they are convinced that such cars could occupy the market in just a few years, as car dealerships could print a car of their choice for each individual. They add that prices will range somewhere between $ 18.000 and $ 36.000.

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