Is the chassis bothering the champion?

Author of the article: , published April 24, 2014

Sebastian Vettel will drive the new chassis at the next race in Spain after Red Bull engineers failed to find a clear answer to the question of why the current champion’s tires wear out more than his teammate.

Team boss Christian Horner initially attributed the problem to the car's settings, but Helmut Marko, the team's adviser, told Germany's Bild that the problem may lie in the chassis itself.

“We don’t understand why Vettlu tires wear more than Ricciard. We are now inspecting the chassis and looking for any damage. As soon as the new chassis is available, Sebastian will get it, ”confirmed Marko. This is supposed to happen already in the race in Spain, but if it turns out that the problem with the new chassis is not solved, Marko has no doubt that Vettl will be able to find a reason and return to the top. “This year, the racing cars are so complex that even the engineers themselves do not understand everything. This makes it even harder for Seb to adapt the car to his needs. But Sebastian is a perfectionist. He will work so long that he will succeed, ”added Marko.

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