Is Mateschitz losing interest?

Author of the article: , published March 16, 2015.

After Red Bull team boss Christian Horner openly and justifiably criticized the Formula One rules, new facts are now coming to light. Namely, the owner of the Red Bull team, as well as Toro Rosso, could lose interest in Formula One due to the rules we have. Namely, for the second season in a row, we are watching the dominance of the Mercedes team, and at Red Bull, despite many experts, led by top designer Adrian Newey, they can't do anything, as the engine rule simply outweighs all the others.

Helmut Marko says so Mateschitz will not have the patience for the FIA: “When we were leading, we were not as far ahead as Mercedes is now and the FIA ​​quickly found a solution to change the rules. But now that he is driving a Mercedes, this is not the case. The current engines are not the right choice for Formula One, such an opinion would be even if Renault were so far ahead. We want lower costs, development and a more open formula one, where the rules would not kill. ”

Well, Red Bull has committed to Formula One for at least another five seasons, until 2020. So a possible departure at least for once is not in question, but the years are running fast and what if it becomes a reality?

Photos: Red Bull

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