Teams will ask for fewer tests next season

Author of the article: , published on June 29, 2018.

The FIA ​​is expected to soon receive a request from Formula 1 teams to reduce the number of already limited testing. In recent seasons, teams have had two four-day pre-season tests, and two two-day in-season tests. One of these two days was reserved for newcomers or reserve team racers. This season, one of the two off-season tests has already passed (they were scheduled after the race in Barcelona), and the other two days will be after the race in Hungary. The teams thus agree that even these rare tests in a very busy schedule further reduce the transport time between races. Testing in Hungary scheduled for August is particularly undesirable for teams, as it is scheduled after five races are scheduled in six weeks.
Next season we will have 21 races on the calendar, Germany is saying goodbye, and the race in Miami is coming, which will only make things worse.
The teams are thus of the opinion that there are already a total of eight days of pre-season testing in which racers drive more than 100 laps a day for teams too many. The team leaders had already met and talked about having only one pre-season test lasting a total of five days and having only one pre-season test. This would take place sometime in May after the race in Spain, and both days would be tested by newcomers or reserve team riders. Post-season testing in Abu Dhabi would still remain. The teams have not yet met with FIA representatives, but this is expected to happen before the race in Germany

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