The Brazilians deserve a motoGP race

Author of the article: , published March 19, 2013.


The 9-time world champion Valenitno Rossi went to Brazil, specifically to Sao Paolo, due to obligations related to sponsors. Journalists were drawn to his statement that the Brazilians really deserve a royal class race.

After completing testing in Austin, he traveled to Brazil, where commitments to Yamaha awaited him. After the press conference, he flew by helicopter to the city of Velo, where he promoted the Yamaha R1 to local Yamaha dealers. When returning to Brazil after many years, Rossi did not hide his enthusiasm and said that he has fond memories of the country. He especially likes Brazilians and their attitude towards motorsports.


Among other things, he stated at the conference: "Brazilians deserve a race, especially because of their passion for motoGP!"

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