Brawn: The ban on turning tires has hurt us

Author of the article: , published July 8, 2013.

The boss of the Mercedes team, Ross Brawn, stated that his team suffered a severe defeat on home soil mainly due to the ban on turning tires. Just a week after the race for the British Grand Prix, where the Mercedes racers showed very solid form with numerous spectacular tire explosions and Nico Rosberg even won, they suffered a severe defeat at the German Grand Prix at the Silver Arrows camp, where the FIA ​​introduced Pirelli restrictions on the use of tires.

Lewis Hamilton started the race from the best starting position, but throughout the race he complained about the lack of grip, while he could not defend himself from the attacks of rivals from Red Bull, Lotus and Ferrari. Ross Brawn believes his team was buried by a tire-turning ban and a hot track.

“The construction of the tires has changed and by turning the tires we have reduced the stress to which the tires are exposed. We used the tires in the qualifiers and then we were able to turn them over (the rear left was fitted at the back right) and they behaved completely differently in the race. With these tires, this cannot be done, so we were again completely on the verge of overheating the tires, causing us to suffer.

The first half of the race was awful. In the second, when there was less fuel in the race cars and the track cooled down a bit, we were again in optimal limits. The times were solid, which only shows how critical the situation is in our country. At the start of the race, we tried to drive faster with a heavier race car, thus overloading the tires. We need to find a solution to this, ”said Brawn, who, despite better results in races in Monaco, Canada and Britain, doubted that they had solved the tire problem. “I didn’t think we were able to solve the problem. Turning and changing tires has helped us, but now we can’t do that anymore. It wasn’t exactly warm in Silverstone, just as it wasn’t in Montreal. I knew we would only see the real situation in the next hot race and this race in Germany was like some this season, where we had problems until the track cooled down. ”

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