Brawn is saying goodbye

Author of the article: , published on February 1, 2014.

Ross Brawn explained to reporters that he has finally retired and that he will no longer deal with Formula One. Brawn left the Mercedes team after the end of the 2013 season, and ever since then the media has associated him with various teams. Finally, he is expected to replace Martin Whitmarsh at McLaren.

But at a fishing event in Aberdeenshire, he stressed that he will not return to Formula One. “I’m retiring irrevocably,” he said. "I'll enjoy fishing for a year, and then I'll see what fate will do for me."

Brawn left Ferrari in 2006 and also enjoyed a year away from Formula One, then returned with the Honda team, which he then took over and named Brawn GP. With his team, he won both titles in 2009 and then remained at the helm of the team bought by Mercedes. There, Brawn served as team boss, until last year, when Toto Wolff introduced a new team structure and invited Paddy Low to the team.

The Briton was one of the main screenwriters of Michael Schumacher's successful career, with whom he collaborated in Benetton and won two world championship titles with him. He and the German then went to Ferrari, where they dominated at the turn of the millennium.

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