Brawn has no plans to return, but…

Author of the article: , published September 12, 2014.

Although Ross Brawn, one of the main players in Ferrari’s dominance at the turn of the millennium when the team won five consecutive championship titles, adheres to the “never say never” principle, the Briton has denied any thought of returning to the Maranello team.

Brawn left Formula One at the end of last season, and soon rumors surfaced that he would return to the caravan. “I did visit Maranello in May, but it was a completely private visit. We talked about what to do if… but nothing serious. Because we didn't talk seriously, I don't think about it, "explained Brawn, 59, who added," Never say never, because you never know what options may be offered to you. But for now, I’m focusing on things outside of sports that I didn’t have time for before.

I’m living a different life this year and it makes me feel better. I will definitely not be re-employed full-time. ”

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