Brawn: Hamilton just needs time

Lewis Hamilton
Author of the article: , published on June 3, 2013.

Lewis Hamilton is just missing the time it takes to adjust to the new team and the race car, at least that’s what his boss and Mercedes team boss thinks. The champion from 2008 was in the past races in the shadow of his teammate Nico Rosberg, who took the best starting position three times in a row. In addition, Nico won the last race in Monaco, but as said, Brawn believes in Hamilton: “We work hard, but certain things take time. The racer and the team need to understand and it takes time to understand.

The engineers have to understand Hamitlon, and he has to explain to them in their language how to set up the car. It is difficult to reach a common point and perfect harmony, but I believe that we will reach this point in the foreseeable future. Lewis is a bit different from Nice, and besides, Rosberg has been in the team for a long time and therefore knows which buttons he has to press. "

Ross admitted that they have a good team, which is sometimes even a bit too big. Namely, Rosberg knows everything in it well, and Lewis still learns who to come to to discuss a certain matter about the car: “We have a good and big team with a lot of experience, but Lewis simply hasn't worked yet. Hamilton had to get to know everyone on the team and understand who he needed to talk to about what area of ​​the race car. ”

Finally, Brawn commented on the race in Monaco, where he was accused of not being good enough Hamilton: “We both want to have as many of our racers as possible together, to compete against each other and put as much pressure on each other as possible. Both I and Toto don’t want a racer who would be happy with second place. We are all striving to improve, to squeeze even more out of our package and to make the car even faster and faster. "

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