Brake problems are not a problem for Mercedes

Author of the article: , published September 21, 2016.

Sunday's victory was barely won by Mercedes, as in the end the pressure from Daniel Ricciard and Red Bull was very great. And if the race lasted another lap, it probably wouldn't be difficult for Ricciard to overtake Nic Rosberg. The Mercedes team admitted that both racers, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, struggled with the brakes and had to keep them very under control at all times. In the end, Rosberg proved that he is clearly more adept at this than Hamilton. "We've been on the edge with the brakes since the start of the race," admitted team leader Toto Wolff.

Perhaps this was also the reason why Kimi Räikkönen even managed to overtake Hamilton in the 34th lap, but the Englishman then managed to regain his advantage in the pits. Räikkönen was angry after the match for the extra stop, but admitted that the tires had actually already been badly damaged. “We gave him third place back. We made the decision on the basis of some technical data. Maybe it's better to check them first at the racetrack with the racer himself, "the Finn was critical of his team. “Hamilton made a mistake because Kimi knows how to make a racer nervous in front of him. This is also the advantage of world champions, "praised the head of the Ferrari team. However, the team is happy with the success of Sebastian Vettl, who managed to win fifth place from the last place in the end.

In Sunday's race, Daniil Kvyat also took a little revenge on Max Verstappen for his replacement as part of the Red Bull team. Verstappen had trouble overtaking and was even angry about the radio because of Kvyat.

And if we go back to the winner, he, as already written, managed to cool the brakes more than Hamilton, who failed to overtake Ricciard at the beginning. "The problems were the same for both, but how to deal with them on the racetrack is more a matter of the racer than the technique," added Wolff.

After all, Mercedes doesn't have to worry about these problems. Similar problems occurred with the others, the team claims. "We knew from the beginning that this was a racetrack that was a big challenge for the brakes, and we obviously succeeded," Rosberg described the problems. The Mercedes team is also happy with Hamilton's third place, making their heads even less white due to technical problems. “The result is proof of our strategy and a good race car. However, I still wonder what the second year will be like when the race cars will have to be even heavier. I already saw today what problems my weight can cause me, "Hamilton described the situation.

And if we believe the statistics and predictions - the winners of the race in Singapore have always been world champions. Thus, with the takeover of the position of leader in the overall standings, the chances for the first title of Nico Rosberg also increased. The victories in the last three races prove that Rosberg has prepared well for the second part of the season, which will obviously be very interesting. The next race is in a fortnight in Malaysia.

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