Boullier dissatisfied with the changes

Author of the article: , published on May 17, 2013.


Lotus team boss Eric Boullier expressed his dissatisfaction with Pirelli's decision to supply the tires with modified tires from the Canadian GP onwards, with which the Italian tiremaker responded to many criticisms at the expense of soft tires.

With the changes to the tires, Pirelli wants to reduce the number of stops in the pits, which, according to Boullier, is unfair, as all 12 teams found themselves in exactly the same situation.

“There aren’t very many sports in the world where fundamental changes take place in such a crucial area during the season,” he said. “Just imagine cutting the size of a football field by half, just because one football team can’t run as fast as another! The fact that changes will happen makes us a little angry, but I hope that the changes will not be too extreme.

It is clear that Pirelli found himself in a difficult position and under pressure from several sides. Last year, when we planned this year’s race car, each team received information from Pirelli and we all did our best to make a chassis that would make the best use of the tire’s characteristics. At the end of last season, we actually tested the experimental tires for this season, which made it easier to determine if we were on the right development path. ”

Boullier says some teams and racers have managed to adapt better to the new tires, which is far from a legitimate reason why radical changes would be needed. “Like every season, some teams do their job better than others. Some racers are more adaptable to changes to the race car and tires than others. It’s unfair that we developed the car based on the tire specifications that were available to everyone and adapted it to the tires that are available to everyone, and then we find out that the tires will change in the middle of the season.

Either way, we have a team of talented designers and engineers who will go the extra mile to adapt to these changes as best we can, ”Boullier added.

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