Boullier: Grosjean has improved

Romain Grosjean
Author of the article: , published March 27, 2013.

Eric Boullier believes Romain Grosjean entered this season at a higher level when he finished last year. Let us remember that last year Grosjean had quite a few accidents, various incidents in the first round and the like, but the team only extended it for another year. The Frenchman justified the confidence of the Lotus team in at least the first two races of this season and started both introductory races without any major problems.

Grosjean had some problems with the race car in Australia, but in Malaysia he even beat his teammate, who celebrated the victory in the opening race. Boullier is therefore justifiably more than enthusiastic about his form: “I think Romain is racing well. We know that he is fast in one lap, as he qualifies well, but now he also drives much better in races. So hard work is now finally paying off, which is very encouraging for everyone. "

In the end, Eric expressed the wish that Romain would continue to race constantly: “Let's hope that we will be constantly racing, and more so at the top. Namely, we do not want to qualify for the eleventh place, for example, because he can do more himself and we expect that from him as well. "

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