Borkovic was deprived of the best starting position

Author of the article: , published on May 3, 2014.

Serb Dusan Borkovic, who finished the qualification as the tenth fastest, was left without the best starting position in the second race this weekend, when the racers are in a hurry in Hungary.

Borković would have started the second race, where the first ten riders start the race in reverse order, from the best starting position, but the commissioners erased Borković's qualifying times because his Chevrolet was too low. He will thus start both races from scratch.

“I respect all the decisions of the FIA ​​commissioners. Although I am shocked, I will not comment on today’s decision to disqualify me for the low bottom of the car, even though the bottom was damaged while driving over the curb and no one was able to influence it. I will do my best tomorrow, "said Borković after the qualifications.