Author of the article: , published March 6, 2014.

BMW has officially unveiled the X4 series, which after only a year has just moved from paper to the real world. The new SUV with a strongly sloping roof against the trunk acts as the younger brother of the X6 series and is stylistically more than a competitor to the attractive "Englishman" Range Rover - Evoque. How it will perform in the field, we will soon find out, as the X4 goes on regular sale on July 12, 2014. BMW-X4-Concept-3-vert
As with the X3 series, three petrol (2.0xDrive, 2.8xDrive, 3.5xDrive) and three diesel (2.0xDrive, 3.0xDrive, 3.5xDrive) engines are also available for this series.
An eight-speed automatic transmission is available, only a six-speed manual transmission is available for the 2.0xDrive diesel. The trunk has a volume of 500L, which is probably more than enough to transport the securities that the directors drive around because with the price starting at € 44.500, the X4 is not exactly a car that a normal worker could afford.
Sharply designed headlights, bonnet, and bumpers give this car an aggressive look, and 18-inch tires make it very easy to get behind the wheel of this 1.62m high SUV.





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