Bezzecchi: I had everything under control until the mistake

Author of the article: , published on May 11, 2024.

Marco Bezzecchi missed out on a solid second place after a mistake in the tenth lap of the Le Mans sprint race, but the pace from the race confirmed that he can be very fast this weekend.

Bezzecchi, winner of last year's French Grand Prix, was trailing leader Jorge Martin for the first ten laps of the race, but as Marc Marquez began to close the gap, the VR46 rider made a fatal mistake. "I had a good feeling, everything was under control. The rhythm was good, so I was catching up with Jorge. But when I saw Maruqez approaching me, I tried to increase my lead over him.

I made a mistake in the ninth corner and fell. I didn't brake too late, I just leaned the bike a bit too much like the lap before, which was enough to lock up my handlebars. I really shouldn't have, unfortunately I wasted the podium with it. I really can't be satisfied today, but it's important that we confirmed that we can be competitive here too," said the Italian, who warns that there could be more demanding conditions on the track on Sunday. "The rhythm of the race will be different, the weather will also have to be understood, but we can achieve a good result."

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