BERGER: We shouldn't push MICK into MICHAEL's father's shoes

Author of the article: , published on December 18, 2020.

Just because she wears famous surname, expectations are at Mick Schumacher before its premiere season in Formula 1 very special. Son Michael Schumacher is with its titles c Formulas 3 and finally Formulas 2 proved that he is definitely qualified in the field of sports.

"In Schumacher's way, he handled one championship after another, and if he didn't win the championship right away, he did it again to really learn that focus on the championship, ” so a former Formula 1 racer Gerhard berger on television Servus TV, who sees great potential in the young German. “I believe he has Schumacher genes and will make his way in Formula 1." But Austrian, like many before him, warns against too high expectations. "We shouldn't force him or shove him into Father Michael's shoes,”He says Berger and stresses that it must Mick walk your own path. “I believe he will be a very good racer. We will see how far he will end up."

Gerhard Berger wishes young Mick Schumacher a lot of success in Formula 1, but warns that we should not push him into the shoes of Father Michael - Photo: HB Press

With the team Haas, where he will be racing next season, will have to settle for small buns. Because American team ended this season at penultimate place, as they scored just three points. With two newcomers and almost identical race cars, the task next year will not be easier. Nevertheless Berger to the young Schumacher clenching his fists, mainly because of his father’s fate Michaela. "The grief and unhappiness that has arisen is still deep in the bones of all of us that we can say: The only thing we can really hope for Michael is that his son will rejoin where his father left off.“As for his son, he has Berger also a very high personal opinion: "Crazy friendly guy, very decent, very polite, great man,He added Austrian.         

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