BERGER on ALBON and PEREZ: Red Bull is loyal

Author of the article: , published on December 16, 2020.

Gerhard berger was a guest on the show "Sports and talk from the hangar-7”On television Servus TV and in doing so spoke of the season just ended Formula 1. The Austrian was looking forward to the victory Red Bull Racing in Abu Dhabi. “Max is an exceptional racer, he is always in the forefront and the race is at the highest level."

Berger continues: “The key to winning the final race of the season was Saturday. Normally, with the special power of a Mercedes engine, it’s almost impossible to win a pole position, but Max did it on the Yas Marina Circuit track. And if you then defend the lead in the race, then you are not driving in the so-called dirty air, making it easier to control the race. And that's exactly what Max did."

Gerhard Berger said Red Bull are loyal as far as their own offspring are concerned, but acknowledged that the Verstappen-Perez racing alliance would be very strong.

Young Thai Alex Albon is in Abu Dhabi won fourth place, but it is still unclear whether that will be enough to keep his seat on the team Red Bull. Regarding the question of Alex Albon ali Sergio Perez, the Tyrolean said: “Two hearts are beating in my chest here. With Albon, they have a young racer who they want to bring to the level of a winner from their own ranks. Perez, on the other hand, is a constant who has won a Formula 1 race, as he proved at the Sakhir Grand Prix. If you want to drive in the foreground, you have to work with two top racers. Red Bull, on the other hand, are known for being loyal, which is why Albon has its chance. Nevertheless, I can imagine that the Verstappen-Perez bond would be very strong."

And at the end Berger he adds: "With Max Verstappn, they have an absolute top racer on the team. But you also need to insure yourself. Because Red Bull's goal must be to win both the racing and constructors' titles in Formula One."     

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