BERGER: LEWIS HAMILTON is consumed by his ambition

Author of the article: , published on December 17, 2020.

Gerhard berger is on Austrian television Servus TV spoke openly about the situation on the team Mercedes, where George Russell, replacement Lewis Hamilton at the Sakhir GP race, caused a sensation and unrest in the Mercedes team.

O seven-time world champion and on the question of the best racer of all time, it is Austrian explained: "For me, Ayrton Senna has always been the best racer, to this day. He was able to do everything as early as three and four years old he started go-karting. The first to come near him is possibly Lewis Hamilton. But the charm that Senna had cannot have." Berger also watched with interest the brilliant performance of Hamilton’s replacement in the second race of Bahrain, the young George Russell.

Gerhard Berger is enthusiastic about the young Russell, but adds that Lewis Hamilton now has a more difficult starting point in negotiating a new contract.

 About upcoming talks for a new contract Hamilton z Mercedes but he said: “I would say here that it is a matter of money. Russell showed that the predominant factor was the race car, as he was a sovereign leader in the race until the complication in the pits. Now Mercedes has an argument that it can say, 'Lewis, get down a little with your demands!'"

Berger: Russell has shown that the predominant factor of Mercedes is the race car.            

Berger but also knows: “Lewis is consumed by his ambition. When he couldn’t race, he posted messages all weekend. But he never once congratulated Russell on his replacement. He wants to dominate and play the lead role. But Russell has already shown what he can do with Williams as well.“About rumors that Mercedes could Bottas exchanged for Russella, so Berger is clear: “Contracts must be respected. As far as I know, Bottas has a valid contract for the 2021 season. They have committed to perform with him in the future," so Austrian, which adds: "Bottas doesn't have Russell's speed. Whether they would decide behind the scenes to go the other way, I wouldn’t know."

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