Belgium brought Gerčar another 6 points

Author of the article: , published on August 3, 2015.

At the fourteenth race of this year's MXGP season, motocross rider Klemen Gerčar once again showed that hard work pays off. He finished both races in eighteenth place, scoring six new points, now has 17 in his account and is 32nd in the overall standings.

The race in Belgium, where MXGP racers gathered on a sandy track, was very challenging. After the race in the Czech Republic, Klemen contracted food poisoning, which greatly weakened him and he could not train for a few days, so he went to Belgium quite physically weak. But the stubbornness and training before the start of the season paid off for him.

“If I think I was physically quite exhausted, then I can be very happy with the six points. But a lot of training on the beach before the season paid off, as both races were extremely strenuous, especially the second, when the track was already well paved. In addition, the organizer added some novelties to the track itself, some so-called pyramids, which completely broke our rhythm, as we had to slow down very much, but then you had to do your best again immediately. From Saturday to Sunday, the organizer also did not repair the track, this weekend there were a few other races with us on the program, so you can imagine how open the track was. But the conditions were the same for everyone, the race was hard for everyone, I actually fought for the last point until the last turn, "said Klemen.

At this year's race in Belgium, it turned out that Klemen may not be among the fastest in one lap, but he is extremely constant over long distances, which was the most important thing, which is why he was able to rank so high with reliable driving.

The next race in the MXGP championship will be scheduled in three weeks' time in Italy in Mantua, which will be scheduled instead of the race in Argentina, but until then Klemen will have two more races in the ADC Cup in Austria and the Netherlands. Immediately after the MXGP race in Italy, he will return to the Netherlands, to Assen, for a new MXGP test. So this summer will be extremely challenging for him.

You can also see some recordings from Klemen's training, the author of the recordings is Jan Porič.


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