Bagnaia rejects accusations that sprint races are dangerous: You need to be prepared

Author of the article: , published March 25, 2023.

Francesco Bagnaia believes that the accusations of some other racers about the danger of sprint races are unfounded.

Despite the fact that he himself was not part of the very close and aggressive duels of the middle group of racers in which three racers also fell, we also witnessed extremely tense overtaking in the front throughout the entire race.

Bagnaia was thus all the time in duels with Jorge Martin, Jack Miller and Marco Marquez. He had to be aggressive, but at the same time careful enough, just like the aforementioned racers around him, so that there was no incident in the foreground either.

Since we saw in the background the falls of three racers, among whom Enea Bastianini was seriously injured, there was a lot of discussion after the premiere sprint race about the sense of such races, as the safety of the racers was said to be questionable.

After the victory, he did not want to burden Ducati with the comments of the other racers.

"For sure, to overtake in a race like this, you need to take a little more risk and be more aggressive. But we all know the situation, so we just need to prepare well."

"Nonetheless, the sprite race should be taken a bit more cautiously, as there are only 12 points available, not 25."

"Even here you can be tactical if you are in the front and you don't want to risk everything to win."

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