Audi Sport TT Cup

Author of the article: , published on October 18, 2014.

When Audi launched the first TT in 1998, it represented a minor design revolution. The second generation has become a kind of icon with a touch of racing spirit due to the generous use of light aluminum. With the third generation Audi TT, this is considered a modern classic vehicle, with top performance. Therefore, it is not surprising that the latest incarnation of TT was chosen for the new cup competition, which will take place as part of the races of the German DTM championship, the Audi TT Cup.

The German company Quattro Gmbh will produce 24 Audi Sport TT Cup drinkers for the cup competition, 18 of which will be occupied by the best candidates of all who are willing to pay around 100.000 euros to enter a multi-level elimination process called “Challengers Welcome”. The remaining six race cars will be alternately occupied by dignitaries, celebrities and other VIP guests.

The Audi Sport TT weighs 1.125 kilograms and hides 228 kW or 310 horsepower under the hood, and drivers will also have a push-to-pass function that squeezes an additional 22kW (30 horsepower) out of the two-liter TFSI engine. . The most appealing fact is that the race car will be powered by exactly the same engine as the production cars.

“The Audi TT Cup is a real race car, ideal for beginners, but also demanding to race,” described the car Markus Winkelhock, a former Formula One racer who will act as an instructor in the process of selecting the 18 lucky ones to compete in next season.


Photos: Audi Sport TT Cup

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