Audi gets a high penalty at the DTM race in Spielberg

Author of the article: , published on August 27, 2015.

In early August, at a DTM race in Spielberg, Austria, Audi team leader Wolfgang Ullrich ordered his driver Tim Scheider to oust Mercedes driver Pascal Weherlein from the racetrack. In concrete words, he ordered him to "oust him," which Scheider did.

This case was heard by the German Motorsport Sports Association (Detuschen Motorsport-Bundes DMSB) and awarded the highest fine in history for an individual team, namely a fine of EUR 200.000,00. The highest fine so far has reached EUR 25.000,00.

The court also banned Tim Scheider from appearing in both matches this weekend in Moscow, and team leader Ullirch is not allowed to be present not only in the pits but also on the radio until the end of the season. In addition, the Audi team was also deprived of 62 points, which he gained in the race in Spielberg.

Audi spokesman Stefan Moser told Bild: "Team leader Ullrich apologized over the phone to everyone involved, as what happened in Spielberg is not our way of racing."

Sports Court Judge Harald Schmeyer saw a clear instruction to cause the accident in the “oust him” order. Scheider, who allegedly did not hear this instruction, hit the vehicle of Mercedes racer Wickens, which spun and hit the vehicle of teammate Wehrlein. Thus, they both finished the race in the last lap and were left without points.

Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff is also angry, saying: “Unfortunately, the drivers were left without points in the last race. I'm very sorry for Pascal and Robert, because the points lost at the end of the season could mean a lot. "

(Iztok Majhenic)

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