At Mercedes, we would welcome the possible arrival of Porsche in Formula 1

Author of the article: , published on June 29, 2018.

Porsche attended the last meeting on the new drivetrain rules for the 2021 season, which have been going on since last October, but otherwise they have not yet promised anything to Liberty Media and not the International Automobile Federation (FIA). As it is known, Porsche is not considering returning to Formula 1 with its team, but only as a manufacturer of powertrains. Red Bull and Williams are expected to want a possible collaboration. The Williams team has worked with them in the past. Toto Wolf said he would like to see Porsche in Formula 1.
“The bigger the competition, the more we enjoy the competition. They're obviously interested, which is great. "
Wolf added that talks on the rules for the 2021 season are still ongoing, and Porsche is not the only one flirting with entering Formula One.
“Talks are continuing next week and we will know more. Much remains unclear, so the next negotiations will be very tense. "
“It is important for us that efficiency and greenness are important in Formula 1. The whole world is going in that direction. There must be a clear direction for the 2021 season. I hope that more things will become clearer after next week. ”

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