ASTON MARTIN is negotiating with a new named sponsor: COGNIZANT instead of BWT?

Author of the article: , published on December 17, 2020.

Plans Lawrence Stroll and his investment consortium to instead of with a team Racing Point in the following year he appears under the name Aston Martin, are progressing. Obviously, however, the future team could Sebastian Vettl in the 2021 season also got new named sponsor.

From year 2017 forward team Racing Point (then still under the name Force India) appears in pink appearance named sponsor BWT. It is an Austrian company for specialty chemical products and water treatment systems. They were originally at BWT end of the year 2016 planned not to sponsor the team Force India, but Mercedes factory team. The conversations had already gone so far as to produce a graphic display for this purpose Mercedes silver arrows with pink front wing and other elements in pink.

Lawrence Stroll is just set to negotiate with a possible new named sponsor for the Aston Martin team, as the current Racing Point team will be called next year.

BWT was ready to for pink silver arrow it reaches deep into his pocket. There was talk of a sum in the negotiations 50 million. In the end, this deal did not happen, because the concern Daimler he didn't want to have a completely pink race car, for BWT however, compromise solutions were not enough. So they eventually landed on the team Force India, today Racing Point and the future Aston Martin. But just like you are Daimler could not imagine a pink Mercedes car, the aforementioned pink color also does not match the British reputable James Bond brands.

U.S.-based IT services company Cognizant, based in India, could become the new named sponsor of Aston Martin. And hand on heart, their colors fit the new look of the team, which is supposed to be a classic British Racing Green, much better.

He is said to have betrayed what he willingly or unwillingly Lance stroll, in season 2021 performed in the venerable British Racing Green. And it’s quite possible that their car could get something as well shades of blue. Because judging by the information of colleagues from Motorsport-Total.comis Aston Martin is in the midst of advancing negotiations with a potential new named sponsor, a U.S. provider IT service Cognizant. The mentioned company was only established in 1994 under the name Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Software and meanwhile employs almost 300.000 ljudi, most of them work in the city Chennai v India. Will there be an agreement with the company Cognizant automatically means the end of the partnership with BWT, but is unknown at this time.              

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