Did AŠ2005 benefit from the racers' money?

Author of the article: , published on December 1, 2013.

Colleagues on the web portal avto.over.net received an open letter from Primož Lemež. The organizer of the races, journalist and motorsport fan "does not agree with the use of funds received at the branch association AŠ 2005" wrote on the mentioned portal, and also published Lemež's letter, which we also publish:

“Dear club representatives, dear drivers, dear public!

Some time ago, I received a hint and information on the use of budget funds at AŠ 2005. A table on the funds received from the competent ministry and the Sports Foundation can be found at the end. Among the funds received was quite a lot of money that should have gone directly to drivers.

I know that AŠ 2005 really spent a little of that money on drivers, but an anonymous source claims that much less than it should. The same anonymous source, who is probably very close to the management of AŠ 2005 due to information, also claims that most of this money was spent on completely different activities. However, they had nothing to do with the tenders, the accusation is that some of the leading men of the union benefited from this money.

When I first asked the president and director of the association about this, I received a three-page answer from the law firm Čeferin, but with a very general explanation, saying that the money was spent in accordance with the tenders and that all bodies of AŠ 2005 were blah, blah, blah… The very fact that I received an explanation from one of the most infamous law firms in Slovenia made me think!

So I decided to contact you directly!

Before I decide to take further action in this regard, I would like to ask you to let me know if you may have been among the recipients of funds, or do you know anyone who received funds from AŠ 2005. You can send me a letter to:

Primož Lemež, Strmi pot 3, 1000 Ljubljana or by email: primoz.lemez@siol.net.

I assure you that your information will be completely anonymous!




























I also addressed the same question to AMZS, where they kindly (otherwise it took them quite some time) explained that all the money they received from the Ministry and the Foundation for these purposes was actually allocated to drivers and that they have this all the necessary evidence.

Sincerely, Primož Lemež ”

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