Author of the article: , published on May 30, 2021.

Andrea Iannone was in December 2019 due to steroid abuse punished by an 18-month racing ban. The Italian tested positive for doping during a racing weekend in Malaysia in October 2019, and later appealed the decision on the penalty. The appeal was unsuccessful and the Anti-Doping Agency proposed a higher, 4-year sentence for him. prohibition of racing, which was also confirmed by the competent court.

If Iannone had not appealed the original decision, his ban would have expired in the coming days, but it looks like the Italian could return to MotoGP boxes earlier than the end of 2023, as President of FIM, Jorge Viegas is examining the possibility of pardon racer, or to abolish the extension of the penalty.

Iannone kept claiming it was steroids ingested unintentionally, with the introduction of food in which only he was present, so President Viegas advocates that the FIM "run over" the decision of the arbitral tribunal, and the former racer Suzuki and Ducati hopes that this will achieve at least not to go his way some other racer.

"I'm happy with Viegas' intentions, I'm happy with his words, because he always supported me and believed I wasn't guilty," said Iannone. “I hope that, as the president of the federation and all the racers, he will be able to do something about my case. What happened to me today can happen to someone else tomorrow. We cannot allow WADA (the World Anti-Doping Organization) to have such power that we cannot fight it. ”

Iannone said WADA took advantage of him for example against excuses about “contaminated” food, which avoided penalties for many athletes, however, he does not regret itthat he appealed the original sentence.

“It’s not true that WADA wouldn’t have punished me further if I hadn’t complained. From the first day, they demanded a four-year ban on racing, ” explained the Italian, who says he is going through hard times but will not give up nonetheless. “It’s hard when I get into the paddock and see my competitors racing when I can’t anymore. What happened to me is unfair, ” he added.

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