The last PRK in Logatec was also successfully under the roof

Author of the article: , published on August 18, 2013.

This year's second parallel relicross race in Logatec is over. In Division I, he celebrated Daniele Trani ahead of Grego Premrl and Marko Grossi. Slavko Zorman was the fastest in Division II, followed by Leon Vodopivec and Boris Cotič.

In the third division, the bugs from ASC Mustang clashed in the final. The victory went to Dejan Petrič, and the second was Tomaž Vodišek. Third place went to Croatian Niko Pulić, who represented Lemo Racing with the Audi R8.

Tomaž Trček from the Autosport Jazon club in Vrhnika was the best in the classification of under-21 racers. Second place went to Niko Kimavec, and third was Marko Grossi. Kimovec also became the national champion of the PRK under 21 years of age.

In the Grande Punto Cup, the victory was celebrated by Klement Popit, ahead of Luka Glazer and Domn Rodet. Popit was also the fastest of the three racers under 21 in Punta, or he was the only one who reached the finish line, as Tomaž Trček and Domen Buh resigned.

Among the three drivers in the Yugo Cup, Simona Premrl won in front of Matjaž Curek and Leon Ivič.

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