Alonso: We have proven that the title is still achievable

Author of the article: , published on August 25, 2013.

At today's Belgian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso showed excellent form as he made his way from ninth place to second. With this, the Spaniard believes that he has the material for the title: “I am very pleased with what I have achieved, as I had a good feeling all weekend and in the end I also raced well with these new parts that we brought.

Of course, we still lost points against Red Bull and Vettl. We have to fight for the maximum number of points in the future, but I hope that in the future the weather will not be so bad for us. We simply had too much bad luck in the qualifications, which is why we started the race from scratch today. "

Fernando therefore got his motivation back and addressed the team for the upcoming Ferrari home race as follows: “We were very competitive in the first five races. We are still not to be forgotten, as we have shown today what we are capable of. We are developing the race car nicely, we are taking steps forward, we just need some luck to start racing more. We finally get what we want from the car, and I believe that the championship is very long, and that with a very competitive car we can win as many as six times in a row - but that would already make a significant difference. "

Photos: Ferrari

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