Alonso: Red Bull should not be written off

Fernando Alonso
Author of the article: , published March 12, 2014.

Ferrari racer Fernando Alonso expects the Red Bull team to remain a very strong competitor this year, despite difficulties in testing. Red Bull drove three times fewer laps in winter tests than the Mercedes team and about two and a half times fewer laps than the Ferrari racer. But the Spaniard remains cautious: “It was just a test and there the points are not shared. Red Bull is an exceptional team. We’ll see how they do on the inter-race weekend when it comes down to it. I think they will be very good this year. In this part of the championship, if they already have problems, we have to collect as many points as possible, because maybe after a few races they will climb to the very top. It will be very important to start the season well. ”

The two-time world champion said he feels very motivated and full of optimism ahead of this season. “This season will be a big challenge due to the changes in the rules. I am motivated and ready, and confident that I can prove myself. Every season you think you will do well and this year is no different.

Overall, we had very few problems with the reliability of the car. We found no bugs on it during testing and all the parts worked as we anticipated. With such a base, with such a starting point, we have a nice opportunity and great potential, ”concluded the Spaniard.

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