Alonso: There is no difference between the first five teams

Fernando Alonso
Author of the article: , published March 14, 2013.

Fernando Alonso believes that the first five teams are close together, even in such a way that there are practically no differences. With this, the Spaniard also opens the question of whether last year's record of various winners in the season, when we got as many as seven, may fall this season. “No one can predict the winner of the first race,” says Alonso, who adds, “We have to answer some questions that winter testing never gives. It may not be like last year when we saw seven different winners in seven races in a row, but it seems to me that this year we will see the first five teams all together.

What’s more, the five teams will be separate from the rest in my opinion, but only for a little. Otherwise, it’s hard to tell from the top five teams who is the one who has those two or three tenths of a second advantage. It's hard to choose a favorite, but it's definitely worth choosing between McLarn, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lotus and of course Red Bull. " to start like last year, it would be difficult to start worse. "

This year, Ferrari is expected to get to know the car better over the winter, which is why they went to Melbourne much more optimistic. However, Fernando denied that due to the loss of the title in the last races last year, he was less motivated for this year's season: "I feel privileged to have been able to fight for the title three times in the last three years. There weren’t many people who could enjoy the stage for the winners so many times, let alone fight for the title. This year we are working to fight for the title again and hopefully change the result in our favor. This is something normal for sports, which should give you some additional motivation, at least it gives it to me. "

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