Alonso and Montezemolo buried the battle ax

Author of the article: , published on August 22, 2013.

Fernando Alonso and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo quarreled at the start of the season, or rather did not understand each other enough. Namely, after the Hungarian Grand Prix, Montezemolo said that Alonso was a bit behind the ears, but he told the media that he wanted at least as competitive a car for his birthday as his rivals.

Today in Spa, Alonso explained the matter as follows: “I think the president received the wrong information. Once again, we rotated all the conferences and discussed the matter, as I did not say anything unusual. Luca is the father of this family, Ferrari and a great motivator. He tells us exactly what he expects from us and what he demands of us. "

It is worth mentioning that rumors have surfaced that Alonso intends to move to Red Bull in 2014, but the Spaniard denies this: “I believe that Montezemolo is intelligent enough to be able to distinguish reality from rumors. We've both been in Formula One for a long time, so we know what a rumor break means in the summer. "

In the end, Alonso said that he also talked to Luca about testing young racers, where he did not compete, because according to him there was nothing to test: "Raikkonen was not there either, nor were McLarn's racers. But we also learned that we have as many as four press conferences where three are not in my native language. Sometimes misunderstandings can occur, as I myself do not speak perfect Spanish, namely I come from the north of Spain! We definitely need to concentrate on the future and motivate the whole team, and focus on success, development and reducing mistakes. "

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